Bond loans: the new business addiction n’est pas sans risque !

The strength of European growth and the euphoria of economic agents should not make us forget that running a business means being prepared for any eventuality or change of trend.


Adaptability is essential.

We are currently living in a period of disintermediation of business financing. Also, we have been witnessing the replacement of bank credit by financing on the financial markets since the 2008 crisis. The graph below illustrates this perfectly. Indeed, it underlines the banking peak in 2008 and the progressive increase in the use of " credit bonds " since then.


Financial market volatility

The counterpart to this disintermediation is the volatility of the financial markets. Indeed, the latter are capable of closing abruptly in the event of a " risk off " market sentiment (a volatility visible on the graph below).

spread crédit high yeld zone euro

Ainsi, réduire cette dépendance c’est augmenter ses capacités d’autofinancement. Elle se fait d’ailleurs par le biais d’une gestion précise et dynamique de ses « cash flow ». Aussi, elle offre une vision claire pour les « top management » des scénarii à implémenter.

This article was written by Stephane Ravel, Equities Manager at Le Conservateur


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