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Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Support to companies in 2022

What support will be given to businesses in 2022? Bruno Le Maire's announcements, Minister of the Economy

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Cashlab - Use Case Axeltim holding

The e-health business accelerator trusts Cashlab, here is his testimony!

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Cashlab - Axeltim Testimony in video

Feedback from our client Axeltim during the webinar organised for the Future of Finance event.

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Treasurer: 6 challenges for 2022

Quels sont les challenges qui attendent les trésoreries d’entreprises pour 2022 ? Une étude PwC résumée par Les Echos.

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Workshop - Finance Innovation

Cashlab participated in the workshop in partnership with Finance Innovation and Euler Hermes on cash management methods for Mid-Caps. The summary of the workshop is now available!

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Infographics - 2021 PwC Global Survey

Cashlab summarizes for you the key points of the latest PwC study on cash flow and its trends.

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Treasuries nowadays

Quels sont les impacts de la pandémie sur les trésoreries ? Une étude Eurofinance.

BPIFRANCE - 07/10/2021

Cashlab was there to meet you and take part in the conquest of innovation!

Cas d'usage Grands Compte - Cashlab

Cashlab - Key Account Use Cases

The typical customer case where the needs are specific: cash culture, standardization, consolidation, etc.

Cas clients Cashlab et BFR E&S

Cashlab - Use Cases Cashlab x BFR E&S

Partnership between Cashlab and BFR Expertise & Solutions. The 3 use cases.

Cas client Transports Capelle

Cashlab - Use Case Transport Capelle

Transports Capelle Testimony. A Kyriba and Cashlab client!

Minute Cash Actu Rentrée 2021 des dirigeants financiers

The 2021 back-to-work season for financial executives

How do executives prepare for the new school year? An Exec Avenue study

Minute Cash Actu Evolution du BFR 2020 2021

Video - WCR evolution 2020-2021

How the WCR evolved in France and in the World? An Euler Hermes study

Infographie évolution du BFR

Infographics - WCR evolution 2020-2021

How the WCR evolved in France and in the World? An Euler Hermes study

Témoignage vidéo Transports Capelle

Cashlab - Capelle Testimony

Transports Capelle Testimony
A Kyriba & Cashlab client!

ATEL Summer Conference - Cashlab

ATEL - 01/07/2021

Invited by Kyriba, we presented our partnership to the Luxembourg treasurers association, ATEL.

DFCG 10ème trophée Finance et Gestion - Cashlab

DFCG - 22/06/2021

Cashlab at the 10th Finance & Management Trophy of the DFCG in Nice. On the agenda: meet you and discuss your cash issues!

Digitalisation des PME-ETI

Infographics - DFCG & RSM

Cashlab summarises for you the first observatory carried out by the DFCG in partnership with RSM.

Infographie du livre blanc de Simply Treasury - Cashlab

Infographics - Cash-Flow Forecasting

Cashlab summarises for you Simply Treasury's latest White Paper on Cash Flow Forecasting.

Infographie priorités 2021 du DAF

Infographics - 2021 priorities of CFOs

Cashlab summarises for you the Focus N°1 of the latest study conducted by PwC in partnership with the DFCG.

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