Are you a CFO? Management controller? Treasurer?

In your role as CFO, Treasurer or Management Control Director,

You usually face major challenges, in a particular economic context where cash management has become a major issue

Optimisation BFR

Optimisation of

prévisions avec scénarios

Direct AND Indirect forecasting with scenarios


Monitor the performance of all its entities

culture cash

Spreading a cash culture into the organisation

Reporting cash

Industrialising & harmonising the RCash Reporting process


Digitalising the finance function and moving away from Excel


Anticipation and setting up of financing


Save time and focus on the analysis

plateforme collaborative

Centralise information on a SaaS and collaborative platform

The treasury software designed by CFOs, which adapts to your organisation

& multi-bank
Cash Reporting

Analysis of
historical WCR
& Cash Flow

Cash Flow
forecasting & financial planning

Real-time & multi-bank Cash Reporting

Analysis of Bank Flows

Thanks to its APIs and expertise, Cashlab offers an intelligent tool that aggregates and analyses all data
from all banks and bank accounts.
This data, refreshed every 3 hours, can then be analysed by bank, entity, type of flow, and finally currency.

Cashburn analysis

In addition, the intelligent classification of bank flows makes it possible to offer a dynamic cashburn.
But also a complementary analysis grid before the accounting closing.

Reporting en temps réel multi-banques

12-month Cash Flow Forecast

Machine Learning now deployed to provide a 12-month cash flow forecast in direct format.

Analysis of historical WCR & Cash Flow

Analyse du BFR des Cash Flow historiques

Creation of Reports

Cashlab therefore facilitates internal and external communication of historical data through the delivery of key reports:
Cash consumption, WCR, Balance sheet, TFT

Analysis of Historical Flows

The automated mapping of accounting statements allows, in a few minutes, to establish the main ratios
and reporting (DSO, DIO, DPO, C2C).
Then, you can easily analyse historical performance.
Cashlab also allows you to monitor the evolution of your debt and bank covenants.

Performance management

Cashlab provides all the elements necessary to diagnose its WCR performance and identify the levers for optimisation.
The tool also allows you to establish the key actions to be taken to optimise your cash flow and financing. As well as the essential ratios for the preparation of the Cash Flow forecast.

Cash Flow forecasting & financial planning

Modelling of M/L term cash flow forecasts

In a standard format or customised to your needs, Cashlab allows you to transform your operating budget into a cash flow budget. But also to consolidate the forecasts of all your subsidiaries.
With Cashlab you can therefore provide your management and financial partners with all forecasted financial statements, in the desired format 3 to 36 months.
Consequently, Cashlab facilitates the management of the financial performance of your activities or entities.

Simulation of operational scenarios

Cashlab can be used to analyse different operational scenarios and then observe the impact of your assumptions on your Forecasts.

Prévisions de trésorerie planification financière

Gap analysis

Thanks to automated flow mapping, you can automatically
and automatically analyse the differences between
your forecasts and the actual.

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