DAF Day 2018

On Monday 25 June 2018, the first edition of DAF Daywas held in Paris, a gathering organised by DAF-Mag and reserved for CFOs.

Laurent Marcellin, Cashlab's Director, was present as a speaker. He was able to share his experience as former CFO and head of FinTech. Notably during the conference "Financing: Best practices in negotiating a bank loan" conference, held alongside by Philippe de Tremiolles (Managing Director Finance of the European Camping Group).

The morning was structured around a simple question: "What are the CFOs' priorities for 2018? ». And a simple question, a simple answer. The professionals present in the room were asked live using a mobile application and were able to give their opinions.

The regulatory threat to businesses following the coming into force of the GDPS and the constant needs of Cash raise new questions. Such as the issues of Digitalisation and Digital Transformation which were most often cited.

In fact, we make this observation every day at CashLab when we meet with customers and prospects. Indeed, the demand from CFOs for technologies adapted to their profession is stronger than ever. And even if more and more actors are addressing their needs (I refer you to our previous article on this issue) these are extremely varied. FinTech has definitely not finished transforming the financial departments!


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