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Cas client Lindera

Cas client Ingredia

Découvrez le témoignage client de Xavier Cruchet, DAF chez Ingredia, sur ses problématiques de gestion de trésorerie en coopérative agricole.

Cas client Lindera

Lindera Use Case

The condensed client testimonial of Isabelle Semence, CFO at Lindera. Cash management and forecasting under LBO.

Axeltim Cas client

Case study Axeltim Incubator

The e-health business accelerator trusts Cashlab, here is his testimony!

Cas client Grands Comptes

Key accounts use case

The typical customer case where the needs are specific: cash culture, standardization, consolidation, etc.

Transports Capelle Cas client

Case Study Transports Capelle

Transports Capelle Testimony. A Kyriba and Cashlab client!

Témoignage client Lindera

Lindera Testimony in video

Isabelle Semence, CFO at Lindera, talks about how she uses Cashlab, who and what she uses it for and the benefits she enjoys. 

Minute Cash Actu Impact Covid

Axeltim Testimony in video

Feedback from our client Axeltim during the webinar organised for the Future of Finance event.

Cas clients Cashlab et BFR E&S

Cas clients Cashlab x BFR E&S

Partnership between Cashlab and BFR Expertise & Solutions. The 3 use cases.

Témoignage vidéo Transports Capelle

Transports Capelle Testimony

Transports Capelle Testimony
A Kyriba & Cashlab client!

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