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Reports &  White Papers 

Discover here, in the form of a report or a white paper, all our analyses of current events affecting the treasury.

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Livre blanc Inflation et gestion de trésorerie

Livre blanc - Inflation et gestion de trésorerie

L’inflation est devenue la préoccupation majeure des directions financières. Quelles solutions concrètes s’offrent aux DAF pour pallier l’inflation ? 

Axeltim Cas client

Report - ESG criteria and their impact on finance departments

Based on 3 pillars, for 3 precise objectives, where do these criteria come from and how do they impact finance departments?

Dossier Risque de change Cashlab

Report - Cash Management & Foreign exchange risk

Foreign exchange risk is a major concern for finance departments. How to manage it? Is it in my interest to invoice my customers in euros or in their currencies?

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