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Cashlab proposes to train you on:

Cash flow forecasting

Our next training sessions to come:

  • Cash culture: toolbox
  • Cash management: general principles
  • Structuring and implementation of the budget process
  • WCR optimisation
  • Investment of Cash
  • Rationalization of your banks, bank accounts / Cash-pooling
  • Identification of complementary funding sources

Faites  financer  votre formation

Certification Qualiopi

*La certification Qualiopi atteste de la qualité de nos formations, et vous permet de les faire financer en tout ou partie par votre Opérateur de Compétences, grâce à votre budget de formation. Rapprochez-vous de l’OPCO de votre entreprise pour plus d’information.

Generate an immediate return on  investment 

Strategic mapping of areas for optimizing working capital, bank charges and cash investments

ROI on WCR and EBITDA: ~3 days of WCR and ~2 to 5% of bank charges


⇒ Collect Cash and invest the excess by generating returns

Consulting based on a 15-year expertise

Benjamin Madjar
Benjamin Madjar
Administrative and pedagogical manager / Trainer
Former banker and expert on cash management, liquidity investment and working capital optimization
Ava Buceviciute
Ava Buceviciute
Financial analyst

Who is concerned ?

All employees are concerned, in particular:

  • management controllers,
  • accountants,
  • treasurers,
  • and financial directors.

Prerequisites: Knowledge and experience in accounting / corporate finance / cash management.

Terms and conditions of access

This training is offered in person at the client's site or remotely by videoconference (depending on your choice of platform).

Access to the training can be arranged within 1 month. To learn more or to register, please fill out the contact form below. 

It is accessible to people with disabilities. For more information, please contact the disability advisor, Eléonore Berne, at the following address


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