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What our customers are really saying

We are here to help companies with their cash management issues


All your historical and forecast financial, accounting and banking information on a digital platform.


Your operating performance and cash flows updated, compared and commented by your teams


The WCR displayed graphically for a better view of your needs and the financing solutions to look for

Cashlab, your cash co-pilot

An easy-to-use Saas solution, entirely designed to support the CFO and Treasurer in their decision making process.

Centralization of financial information

Manage every day the cash flow of all your entities and all your banks using the Bank Dashboard.

Cash forecasts modelization

Transform automatically your operations flows into cash flows and modelize your cash forecasts in just a few clicks.

Production and analysis of your cash reporting

Take advantage of an organized financial information updated every month. Manage your cash more effectively with a consolidated and personalized financial reporting.

Operational scenario simulation

Use CashLab to create several operational hypothesis and observe their impacts on your cash forecasts.

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