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How to implement a Cash culture in  6 steps  ?

Carry out a Cash diagnosis

Set common rules

Involve the different teams

Make the teams responsible for the management of purchases/payables and inventory levels

Implement a Cash management tool

Build an internal communication on Cash

Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Cash culture is an ambitious corporate project which aims to put Cash at the center of performance management.

All teams must be made aware of the Cash vision: management control, financial management, accounting, treasury, etc.

A bit of context…

The crises of recent decades (war in Ukraine, global health crisis, etc.) have highlighted the need to manage cash to avoid the risk of bankruptcy. That's where the Cash culture comes in. On a daily basis, all teams must also be made aware of the Cash vision: management control, financial management, accounting, treasury...

The subject isn’t new: since 2008, the subprime crisis, the Credit Crunch, the explosion of LBO funds, and changes in legislation have always placed Cash at the center of management.

The  Cash culture  as DNA


La culture Cash est la véritable raison d’être de Cashlab depuis sa création en 2015.

During years in consulting firms and financial management, the founders have accompanied companies in growth, in restructuring or in their daily operations.

These experiences led them to one conclusion: Cash is at the heart of every company.

As early as 2008, our founder Benjamin Madjar was declaring in an interview: "For several years, the investments of LBO funds have exploded, reinforcing the expectations around Cash generation. As a result, a "Cash culture" has gradually developed and with it, opportunities to optimize working capital" Source : Finyear

Cashlab at the service of Cash culture 

C’est dans cette optique que Cashlab a été créé pour :

  • visualise in real-time your Cash flow;
  • forecast your Cash Flow in the medium and long term;
  • provide each team with avenues for improvement: accounts receivable, supplier payments, financing, etc.

This expertise is also provided through consulting missions and a Cash and WCR diagnosis.


The tool has given us a backbone for creating a Cash cultureI really have an up-to-date cash view of the difference between my forecasts and my actuals, which is optimised for all structures.

Arnault Thouret

Founder and CEO, Axeltim

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