Paris, 27 November 2020.2021

For any company, cash flow is the sinews of war. Often abandoned in favour of Ebitda, cash management becomes once again the management tool in this particular period.

Even if the deferment of repayment of the state-guaranteed loan (PGE) has been extended to two years, companies risk being "short of cash to ensure the smooth running of the business" warns Ana Boata, director of macroeconomic research at Euler Hermes.
Moreover, she estimates that in France, "one company out of four could be in a cash crisis situation" from the beginning of 2021.


But can the risk of failure really be avoided?

To protect themselves from this risk, companies must put cash at the centre of their concerns and make their teams aware of the cash culture. Both small and large companies, few of them considered cash as a priority before the crisis. Every euro spent must now be taken into account. Every day's working capital requirements must also be taken into account.

The solution: orecasting and optimising working capital and cash flow. Sometimes laborious, these anticipations are very easy to implement and monitor thanks to tools such as Cashlab. It is the platform 100% designed by corporate financiers.

Based on the expertise of its founders, Cashlab was created to help managers and the finance function in their decision-making. In short, Cashlab automates repetitive tasks and provides a personalised cash flow forecast. In this way, the platform facilitates the financial communication required by banking partners.

Cashlab integrates:

✔ Access to all its banks on a single platform
✔ A short-term cash flow forecast
✔ Detailed analysis of bank flows, cash burn and WCR
✔ A medium/long-term forecast 12 to 36 months with scenarios
✔ Estimating and advising on funding needs

Detect Inform Accompany Manage, the "D.I.A.G."

Aware of the complexity of the exercise, the Clinique de la Crise and Cashlab have joined forces, in this delicate period, to offer business managers in difficulty a free flash diagnosis , the D.I.A.G. The D.I.A.G. encourages the prevention of difficulties and puts in place recommendations likely to promote recovery.

The Clinique de la Crise is a network of independent professionals selected for their sector-specific skills and experience in restructuring, acting as ad hoc representatives and conciliators in amicable and confidential proceedings under the aegis of the Tribunal.


Closely monitor your cash flow in a clear and optimised manner with our Cashlab tool.

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