Automate your
 Cash Management 

  • Save time for your forecasts and reports
  • Improve your WCR
  • Optimise your financing and investments

A tool created by finance experts for CFOs

to strengthen your  Cash culture 

Created by
of finance

Au coeur d’un
an ecosystem

A unique and


safety and

Available in

A tool created by finance experts for CFOs

to strengthen your  Cash culture 

Créé par des experts financiers

Au coeur d’un écosystème de partners

Approche unique et complète

Logiciel 100% SaaS

Données sécurisées

Disponible en 7 langues

Cashlab accompagne les PME, ETI et grands comptes dans le pilotage de leur trésorerie


€30 M – €250 M

Track your global bank balance across multiple entities and banks

 Structure your Cash management processes on a single platform

Get rid of Excel to make your Cash flow forecasts more reliable

Monitor forecast versus actual flows and analyse your variances


€250 M – €1,5 Mrd

Automate your Cash Flow forecasting

Standardise your Cash management processes

Automate the consolidation of your entities' Cash flow forecasts

Get ready-to-use reports

Lagre Corporates

> €1,5 Mrd

Standardise reporting formats for all your BUs, subsidiaries and countries

Launch a global Cash culture training plan

Automate the production of standardised reports

Fixez et suivre les objectifs d’optimisation du FCF et du BFR

" It's the only tool I know of on the market that offers both a bank reporting module and a Cash flow tool. "

"I use Cashlab to forecast cash and give the President visibility on the state of the treasury. There are many advantages: you save time, you don't have to use Excel, so it's much more reliable.
Being part of a financial community via the DFCG, whenever we have issues and discussions about cash, I bring up Cashlab."


Isabelle Semence

CFO, Lindera

The most complete  Cash management 
software on the market

Accounting approach

Complete and automated: get a strategic view of your Cash

Import of accounting data and adjustment with treasury rules, capex and financing

Financial and forecasting reports

• P&L
• Direct Cash Flow
• Balance Sheet
• Cash Flow statement

Budget d’exploitation en budget de trésorerie (36 mois)

Direct & indirect methods

• Balance Sheet projection



WCR indicators

Forecasting with variance analysis


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Banking approach

Simple and immediate: view your Cash Flow in real time

Connection to banks via API
in a few clicks

Real-time Cash balance

Multi-bank / Multi-entity / Multi-currency

Transaction list

Automatic categorisation

Cash-burn view

Cash Flow forecast

• at the end of the month
• jusqu’à 12 mois



• Financing


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Your ready-to-use reporting pack for better financial communication

Exportable data and charts

Get financing faster
Accélerez vos choix d’investissements
Save time and generate ROI

Cashlab offers to  train you  on

Cash management forecasting | Cash culture : toolbox | WCR optimisation, etc. 

Certification Qualiopi

We protect  your data 

The security of our clients’ data is our priority

We have therefore chosen a high level of security for our platform.
Cashlab meets the highest standards:
ISO/IEC 27001, CSA STAR, SOC 1 & SOC 2 of TYPE II.

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